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Free Training With A Job Guarantee Even Without Any Prior Experience

Is This You?

  • You are a talented writer who has been jobless and sitting at home.
  • All the jobs that you’ve applied for require “experience” or “qualification.”
  • Stuck in a job waiting for the clock to hit 5 p.m.
  • Unable to make your family and friends understand how fulfilling the job of a writer is.
  • Or maybe you haven’t realized the broadness of writing jobs.
Experiments Failures and Success

Free training for three months and a guaranteed job afterward.

Worry Not. This might sound too good to be true, But if you’re a fast learner then the training will be reduced according to your potential. With our help, you’ll be able to master the craft of writing and will be able to create professional content

This training course is the result of more than 5 years of experience that includes countless hours of trials and errors, experiments, failures and successes which produced more than 400 professionals. Among which, many of them are working in top creative positions in Nepal and all around the globe..


JOB Guarantee


Work Environment

You’ll be placed in a work friendly environment with motivational instructors giving you the step-by-step training and timely feedback.

Overall Improvement

With your dedication and support from our trainers, you’ll find yourself improving in just a couple of weeks and after completing your training, you’ll also get the chance to become a part of our growing team.

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After being properly trained, you’ll not only gain the confidence to create good content but also will be writing for international audiences. Our blogs, articles and videos are consumed by more than 500k visitors each month. As you grow you’ll even get the opportunity to write scripts for videos, documentaries and short-films. 


As you grow you’ll even get the opportunity to write scripts for videos, documentaries and short-films. 

What To Expect From Captain Marvel
Do's And Dont's For A New Writer
Testing Hardness Of Water
Ratrikalin Kabita Gathan


Although there are several companies that try to provide training as similar to ours in exchange of money, there still is no guarantee that their paid training will be able to excel far beyond our mentorship with a combined experience of more than five decades. 

On top of a free training, you’ll also get to learn...

  • SEO: Increase traffic and rank your website #1 on google search
  • Google Analytics: Analyze audience behavior
  • Narrative Storytelling: Build stories from scraps for videos
  • Business Etiquettes: From handshakes to Mise en place (Google it!)
  • Copywriting: Write attention grabbing ads & digital marketing contents
  • Personal Growth: Build up confidence via public speaking & leadership opportunities


Mandip Parajuli

Senior Editor, Dep. General Manager

Mandip Parajuli is the Senior Editor and Deputy General Manager of Freelancer Company. The depth of his intellect is reflected in his critical approach to any topic. Mandip tends to devote himself to help anyone who asks for it. His benevolent nature will amaze you and will go up and beyond to make you feel comfortable.

mark johnson

Senior Writer, Project Manager

The breadth of knowledge and skills Abhishek Dhital has acquired over the years will guide you through every step of your training making sure you won't get left out. As somebody who took this very same training and became a Project Manager, rest assured you are in safe hands for the duration of your training in Freelancer Company.

Garima Bista

Creative Writer, Asst. Project Manager

Garima Bista is one of the creative writers of the Freelancer Company. Quick learner and a great teamplayer, Garima now holds the position of Asst. Project Manager. For someone who is learning to be a good creative writer, Garima will be the perfect mentor, who knows the magnitude and scope of what it takes to be one.

This is what most companies charge for the training that we are providing for free.

While this offer is hard to say no to, we also have very limited seats available. We are hiring only 8 creative content writers for now.

After you successfully complete the training, you’ll be guaranteed a job placement at the company itself.



Content Writing

Rs. 19,999


Rs. 16,999+

Script Writing

Rs. 15,999+

Google Analytics

Rs. 24,999+

Copy Writing

Rs. 19,999+


Rs. 97,995+

Our Price


P.S. You basically have two options:

Option 1

  • Keep hitting snooze on your dreams and let your creative potential rot within yourself, Or…

Option 2

  • Take control of your life, grab this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity and be the writer you always wanted to be. This training is the chance to bring out the best in you, to be the pro and write like one. It’s a limited offer and it comes with a guaranteed job.

So what are you waiting for? Don't procrastinate !!! Apply Now:

Dhungedhara Chowk, Banasthali, Balaju, Kathmandu, Nepal.